Thursday, 19 April 2012


So, I guess this would be my first official post, hm? It's exciting! I'm sure (if anyone is wondering) you all want to know what this blog is about, hm? Well, if you want to know then I'll tell you.

I enjoy writing. Writing is something that I do, either to unwind or when I find a really good reason to rant I'll just let it all out. No, this won't be a rant blog (although...), but there might be moments when I'll just let go. To be honest, this will be more of me getting the chance to talk to you. Ask me questions so I can answer them, and let me ask questions as well. Make comments; interact with me so I can interact with you. Deal?

I'm working on making sure I can get at least one blog post up weekly, though I won't promise I'll go blog crazy and post more than one in a day. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope I'm entertaining enough to keep you as a reader!